Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Digital Divas '15

~ Digital experience recipe ~
You need a blog, some imagination, pasion for beautiful things and a blender.
The digital support is important, so a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is the perfect device for that. 
You blend all of the above on your Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, add some of your Digital Divas 2015 experience, and that't it.


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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Gentile IT ale acestui sezon poarta semnatura MIHAELA GURAU

geantă IT este un accesoriu veșnic la modă, care este de actualitate ieri, azi, la fel de bine și peste 10 ani.  Gențile care poartă semnătura Mihaela Gurău au fost realizate după acest concept, având un tipar clasic, modern, sunt ușor de purtat și asortat oricărei ținute. Sunt poșete pe care le poți purta atât dimineața, la birou, cât și seara la un eveniment, fiind concepute pentru femeia purternică, hotărâtă, veșnic pe fugă între activități business și leisure.

Gențile Mihaela Gurău sunt lucrate manual, astfel fiecare piesă este unică, ceea ce o face pe purtătoare să se simtă specială.  Din piele de cea mai bună calitate, atât exterior, cât și interior şi cu accesorii ce pot fi personalizate, iar culorile alese în funcție de personalitatea fiecăreia, genţile se conformează pretenţiilor celor mai exigente cliente.

Colecția de genți Mihaela Gurău cuprinde, pentru început, modelul – Day2Night. Acesta este disponibil în două variante: Simple şi Studded. Culorile disponibile sunt Cappuccino, Forest Green și Dark Plum. Day2Night este, așa cum spune și numele, geanta clasică, un accesoriu care se integrează perfect în ținuta ta office, casual sau elegantă și te poate însoți atât la o cafea – un business day meeting , dar poate rămâne alături de tine și la un pahar de vin, seara, la o petrecere.

Mai multe detalii despre gențile Mihaela Gurău sunt disponibile pe blogul, în secțiunea Shop, cât și în magazinele partenere

Telefon 0751 283 145
Poze realizate de către Adrian Dumitru

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cutting Edge

I'm not a big winter&cold weather lover, so I focus on keeping myself warm during this hard time of the year. Yesterday I was in a good mood so I've invested a little more time in my outfit. We took the pictures while it was pretty cold and raining. Just perfect!

I love leather skirts, so I chose a pleated one, basic burgundy sweater and a soft animal print cardigan. I got my favourite DIY bag and went outside to defeat the ugly weather.

I'm wearing Rimmel Lipstick - Cutting Edge ~120~, and I'm loving it!

The big smile is there to keep me warm!

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Monday, 12 January 2015

The Golden Globes - Red Carpet

The Grand Budapest Hotel  got the Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy, my personal favourite.
You can see the nominees&winners here.

Let's get to the red carpet. We have the little red riding hoods, the yellow club, the safe black, the nothing special, the weirdos and the pretty ones.

My personal favourites 
Top 5 

Lupita Nyong - Giambattista Valli houte couture

Claire Danes - Valentino

Keira Knightley - Chanel

Anna Kendrick - Monique Lhuillier

Emma Stone - Lanvin

You can see the rest of them and find your favourites here.

Photos source:

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Meet Boho!

Boho comes from Bohemianism as an unconventional lifestyle, promoted mainly by marginalised artists in some of the major European cities.
Boho got adopted by fashion and became a trend thanks to it's unique elements. It became popular in 2005 thanks to a lot of hippie influences coming from the 1960s.
Kate Moss got the boho-chic label for the first time.

Get ready girls, boho is the new vibe in 2015!

What do you need to know:


~cotton, silk, leather, linen, fur~

~earthy tones&splash of colors~

~floral, ethnic, checks, avant-garde~

~flat sandals/shoes, platform, wadges~

~necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses, belts, headbands&bands, hats~

~fringes, lace, knit, maxi skirts, multi-textured fabric, high waist~

~natural waves, no makeup makeup~

Get your inspiration from the new collections:

~ Mango ~
Forever 21 ~
~ ASOS ~

My boho last summer

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Handmade in Kenya

I started this week with a visit at Bucharest Christmas Shopping, searching for something special and handmade. I was really surprised to find a very nice exposition of handmade goodies from Kenya. I was expecting Romanian traditional crafted objects.
Half an hour I gazed at the most beautiful handcrafted objects.
There was this bag that got my attention. It is made of some kind of a palm tree leaf and genuine leather. Each one is unique in shape and design, and handmade as the really nice Kenyan women explained to me.
You can find from stone plates, mahogany sculptures, bags, to bugs made of palm tree leafs.
I couldn't help myself and I got two wooden hairpins. I will probably just stare at them because my hair doesn't do hairpins well. 
I will probably go back for a necklace!:X

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Thursday, 13 November 2014


When it was still warm outside...

I'm wearing

Jacket - Pimpkie
Skirt&Bag - Primark
Boots - Mango
Scarf - H&M
Tights - Penti

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